Natural Restorative



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Benefits of Massage therapy


The Muscles

Relieves soreness and stiffness.Increases flexibility, Breaks down adhesions (knots). Enhances freedom of movement.


The Skeletal System

Improves posture/body alignment, Relieve stiff joints. Restores range of motion. Improves the circulation


The Circulatory System

Lower blood pressure, Reduces heart rate, Elimination of metabolic waste


The Lymphatic System

Cleanse the body of wastes and toxic debris in the body, Removal of lactic acid  


The Respiratory System

Develops respiratory muscles, Regulates respiration, Promotes deeper and easier breathing


The Nervous System

Calms the Nervous System, Relieves insomnia, Relieves pinched nerves


The Endocrine System

Helps the body to restore and heal itself, Develops of a restful sleep


The Digestive System

Relieves constipation, Eliminates waste materials, Stimulates liver and kidneys


The Urinary System

Elimination of metabolic waste, Cleanses the body of wastes


The Reproductive System

Reduces depression and anxiety associated with PMS, Reduces excess fluid retention





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