Natural Restorative



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Deep Massage & Movement

Based on Swedish massage using oils or soap, the therapy incorporates the movement of some limbs, stretching and rotating, encouraging movement of muscles much the same as Assisted Yoga.

This is excellent for muscular pain , lower back shoulders, hips,  stiff joints, stress pain


Therapeutic Rhythmic Massage

Based on swedish massage using oils or soap, a more gentle relaxing slow rhythmic and calming massage.

Can be beneficial for releasing blocked energies and emotions.

This is excellent for opening your body to pleasure and bliss, releasing tension and relaxation.

Spiritually Guided Massage

Massage techniques used are conventional and various but are guided and assisted through elemental guides and earth energies, sometimes known as Faery energy.

This is excellent for allowing the guides to find the source of discomfort and letting them help with the healing process



Chakra Stone Massage

Massage using warmed semi precious palm stones that are tuned to your chakra centres,

releasing the natural flow of the bodies chakra system.


Pressure is applied to the feet to trace and heal problem areas of the body this works for both surface and internal issues

This is excellent for internal complaints, releasing internal aches and pains.



Reiki Therapy

Often our bodies energy is depleted or blocked. Sending energy through the hands to the weak area,

can be beneficial for both emotional & physical problems.

This is excellent for physical pain and problems caused by trauma emotional blocks/ issues




All therapies can be mixed together for a tailored treatment.

Treatments may vary from regimented traditional treatments and standard approaches.



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